Mr. Robert Xu, the current CEO of Zalemark Holdings Co. Inc. is visiting SD Gerpang Biotec Co. Ltd, Shangdong China now

Mr. Robert Xu meets Mr. Frank Lu , the Chairman of SD Gerpang Biotec Co. Ltd. and his team, according to a tight schedule. They have a few great meetings in Yiantian, Jinan offices and  the  private clubs . 

Mr. Robert Xu has been invited to China for five (5) major business events,  Said events take place on the mainland of China this May. Mr. Xu said, “this visit will potentially impact ZMRK and it’s future.”

SD Gerpang Biotec Co. Ltd, located in Jinan, Shandong province. Gerpang, is a new Bio Medical Company, located in Jinan, a/k/a, Medical Valley.  The main business includes: Biomedicine Development, the Development and Sale of the Medical Information Software, the Introduction of HQ (high – quality) Products and Marketing, Health Care, Medicines, Medical Equipment and Sales.

For the past five years, Gerpang had established strategic partnerships with multiple Universities in Biomedicine area.  Some of these areas include; Montreal Canada, Boston, New York, and  now Gerpang of China, has multiple levels of investments in more than 20 projects in Biomedicine areas in Universities.

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